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MEET inner wolf jewelry

"Mahihkan" means Wolf in Cree



Hello! my name is Ashya . I am  First Nations Cree from Treaty 6 and also part Turkish! I grew up with a very strong household of being taught about my heritage. My mother, for most of her life has worked hard on teaching about our ancestors and history, with 3 degrees and a thesis about murdered and missing women, she always made sure I knew my ancestry and history in our family. So since I was a little girl, I have been taught by my aunties and family on how to make dreamcatchers, beadwork and moccasins. I made my first dreamcatcher at 8 years old with my auntie, I still have it to this day. Although I never found a passion for beadwork or the moccasins, art has always been a part of my life. Fast forward to my University years, I attended University of Saskatchewan and studied Art and Art History. I never found a passion for Art History, but I also studied different areas with lithography, printmaking and painting. I've always had more of a creative side in doing things differently and I have always been passionate about art and creating, but It actually never really came to me to make jewelry! I would always see these necklaces or try and piece them together the way I wanted it to look on myself and also price point. I would see some necklaces and love them, but me being a student at the time, I couldn't always afford it!

 When I decided to start doing this seriously, I got such a positive feedback right right away,  that I knew I was on the right path. I try and make my jewelry affordable to women my age because I remember what it was like to want a gorgeous necklace, but feel like I didn't want to have to spend it on a necklace, or groceries for the week!  I also try and source all my items from the earth as much as possible. I get antlers that are naturally shed for my art, I try and get my crystals locally sourced as much as possible, and getting some of my feathers from elders for my dreamcatchers.

I always felt I was wanting to just get better and create more and people have been so supportive through my journey. Ive recently attended from a silversmithing course and Im continuing my journey on my handmade items and self teaching myself so many new things.  I feel so determined and constantly strive to out do myself.  Im always creating and thinking of new ideas of how I could improve or push myself into bigger steps and continuing to reach out my abilities. From local markets to selling in local and stores across Canada. Every single piece I have made makes me feel so happy and I just want my customers to have the same experience! What makes this worth it is when customers feel they have something special and are proud to be wearing one of my creations. Thank you for every single bit of support I have gotten from anyone who has purchased or enjoyed Inner Wolf Jewelry. hiy hiy!



I love making something that is made for you, However it'll have to be with the materials I have. If you have seen something that I have made and want something similar, I would love to make it for you. Just send me an email! 



My main materials I use are Minerals and Crystals. Ive always had a deeper connection to crystals. Always found the positive energy! I've been using a lot of geo plated minerals. Im very drawn to anything Amethyst and mixed mineral quartz as well as quartz with any mixed minerals and citrine! The list could go on.   

I love using Taxidermy whenever I feel like the material is right. I have used animal teeth as well as bones. Coming from a First Nations back round, I end up with certain items in possession that i incorporate into my jewelry and dreamcatchers. 

 From feathers to butterfly wings, If I can see something in it, Ill create it!